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we're so postmodern

yay dad. life is most excellent. i am sooper dooper excited to be on spring break, but alas, i am not traveling anywhere. but fuck it. oh yeah, i just got the WORST haircut ever. i told the lady to trim my bangs, and now they are above my fucking eyebrows, i look like a little chinese boy or corky saint claire. but aside from that, i am really happy, i now have a guy, who is amazing by the way, who calls me very often. well i am just uber content, and i hope that you have a most excelled april. fuck yes.


oh yes. it has been a great past seven weeks. many things have gone down. i will start at the end and go to the beginning. first of all, i would like to call your notice to the new cheif executive, BARACK FUCKING OBAMA. oh god i love that man, literally (and yes i do LITERALLY love him.). next, i got my report card, and guess who got a mother fucking 4.0, i did! yay dad! not only did i get good grades, but i also got to see a live broadcast of a prairie home companion, which was amazing. garrison keilor never ceases to amaze me! and before that i took the dreaded exams, but they were all extremely easy, and i did god damn amazing on all of them, oh yeah! before the exams, i spent a week in milwaukee, chillling with my brother and sister and my brother's girlfriend! and we had a lot of, and yes, vodka and mike's hard was involved. i also spent many glorious days in my hometown with my favoritist cousins ever! i will give some nouns to describe my time with them: freaks, geeks, surprise, dorag, toothbrushes, polar pop, thrift store, and balloons. christmas day was okay, i mean getting presents from SNATA was fun, but spending time with the johnsons was like pulling my hair out with rubber hands. and the only fun things that went on before christmas was my many trips to the community center where i volunteer. there lies my two good friends who constantly insist that i am racist because i do not listen to t. pain. but what the hell! i hope that your christmas kicked ass too! i love a select number of you guys! yay dad.

YAY DA-AD! It tis almost the christmas time of year. no wait it tis, it tis. and to celebrate i wrote a ass-fucking, creeper-mugging, planet-dominating screen play.

happy time for you!!

oh yeah, i have a new best friend, he is an african immigrant. he runs fast and his mom has 400 babies.

Bonjour. Vous Permettez?

Well the time has come ag-ain for this update!!! and i have a super secret to tell you guyses! for my birthday i am getting something so huge, it will not only change my life, but it will also impact yours greatly! The only hint i can give y'all about it is that is is FUCKING AWESOME..........

Oh, and i am completely fed up with the election. lets just vote and get this god damn thing over with. If it were up to me.....Ron Paul all the way. but since i know that is not going to happen, i am being pushed into supporting obama. i have no problem with him whatsoever. all i need when it comes to presidents is a) they have to be totally awesome and b) it cant have sarah palin in the formula.

Okay well that is it so i am going to go eat a drumstick and read my book aimlessly.

Happiness Comes To Me

i must say that i am the happiest i have been in days!! yup yup yup, things have just fallen into place quite gracefully and i thank everyone for that. i have discovered some good things and good people. and i have been getting a tremendous workout from walking home from school each day. in fact i have lost weight!!! four whole pounds. i feel like i am on the biggest loser, except that i am not competing against anyone! speaking of the biggest loser, did you guys watchh the office this week???? IT WAS THE BEST SEASON PREMIER!!!! everything turned out amazing and jim and pam are engaged. it exceeded all my expectations and left me very satisfied. hokay well i am gonna do some homework to cut down the shit-piles that i have to do. Well, ta ta for now and i will update y'all soon!! HEART!

why is a subject even necessary??

well howdy, it has been about 5 days since my last post. i must say that is a lot better than 10 weeks, am i right????? well nothing really eventful has happened. no wait, i did get the best MMJ album ever! i dont care what anyone says, it is over 20x better than Z. and Z is also a really good album. oh and my hair looked amazing today. i just though you might like to know that because i find it quite interesting. and tomorrow i am excited because i am going to training at the science center, and i will get to see all my beast mode friends that i havent seen since this summer!!! plus i think i am gonna chillax with a girl i go to school with soon!! and i think we are gonna go to jimmy johns, but you wouldn't get that joke, so i am not gonna spend time explaining it! plus i have discoved an undying love for Lil' Wayne (particularly Tha Carter III). he is like the tom waits of the rap world. even though he has kinda unattractive eyes, he is pretty cute when he has on sunglasses. he gave a really awesome performance on SNL. hokay well i think i am gonna go because i kinda want to go to sleep because i have school tomorrow. so i heart you all and i will talk to you later. peace.

well, damn

i am kinda depressed now........ because i actually have to go to school tomorrow! i am super pissed. plus i do not have a boyfriend, arg. you know i don't even have anyone i like at the moment. except maybe jim james, but he is kinda out of the picture seeing that he is 19 years older than me and is constantly on tour. oh well, that is life. and as my dad says, "life is a bitch, then you die."


it has been SHITLOADS of time since i updated this most awesome website!!!! actually the only reason i am doing it is because my frizzend will is forcing me to do it with a gun to my head. beware, he is about to go on trial for abuse to his father (he mauled him just to get six god damn stickers!)! any who, i must update you on my mostest bitchass life!!! well i started highschool about a month ago, and i hated it a buttload times a trillion during the first week, but i warmed up to it, so yeah. holy shit!!!!! i forgot to tell you about some  things that happened way before school!!!!
a) science center! i had the most amazing job working at the louisville science center as a volunteer and i even won supersaurus teen twice! i was one of 4 kids who won it twice out of 150!!!!! yes! domination......

b) bonnie 'prince" billy concert! it was in the middle of nowhere, in a field with a lot of high hippies and a good 2 and half hours of amazing blue grass music! plus , just to annoy bren, he wore some nice crocs with socks!!!

c) nolin lake!! it was the best nolin trip to the date, and that is saying alot because i have been on over 10! i cant describe the trip using sentences so i will just give you a couple words that can describe it! purified water, eagles, floating orage visor, tupac, borat, fake blood, tubing, wedding with shaney, bourbon, huge ass fish, cool hat, kayak, berger cookies, i was pregnant and i didn't even know it, a haunting, tight pants that resticted ty's package greatly, gay man running into water, stabbing apples with a knife, and many many many more.

d)MY MORNING FUCKING JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best night of my whole entire night, it was about equal to the night of my birthing!!!!!!! lets see, cait and i were about second row from the stage and right infront of one of the hottest men on earth and best guitartists ever, carl broemel. three full hours of amazing music and dancing! i actually cant even put into words the amount of AWESOMENESS that went into that night!!!

hokay: and then i started school, and the weekend after i started school, we took my beloved sister, caitlin, to college and it was very very sad. the cheese to my macaroni was gone, my grasshopper had flown, i was a pea without a pod.  and then school commenced as usual, and life went on as meant to. and then one glorious day: i met my first good friend at SHA, and that would be monica!!

and the best thing that has happened since i met monica would by the hurricane (w/o the rain)  that i just lived through. now i know that you are thinking:
Why Elizabeth, how could you possibly live through a hurricane if you live in the CENTER of the U.S.??? and my answer to that is.... well i don't really know!! lets see, well it all started sunday morning, i woke up and the wind was blowing furiously and my windows were rattling like crazily! and by the time my momma had to take me to work at 4 the wind was blowing at almost 50 MPH! so i left my house, and all was pretty good except there were alot of little branches everywhere. so i worked from like 1-4. and my pappa picked me up from work, and we went home. and by the time i got to my street it looked like a war zone! yes yes yes!!!! half of it was blocked off ( and still is 3 days later) because of a down tree and powerlines. and then in my yard, a part of a tree fell down and butchered my TV line and in my back yard the top 30 or 40 feet of my bros tree fell, and at the moment that is still lying in my backyard because it is like too huge to move without a chainsaw. and so to top all of this off: about 85% of the city lost their power, resulting in me not have school for the past 2 days, and i don't have school tomorrow!!
ha so top that everyone, domination!! but not really! hokay well that is pretty much it! i heart all of you guyses! and ic ant wait until the 14th of november because i get to see brenna in Balty for the ND vs. Navy game!! wootzzzzzz, get crunk!!!

Well Well Well

Oh yes, the time is here. 

For me to do nothing. 

Except for going to work, which is amazing by the way!!!

Supersaurus Teen: Week 3!!!

Bow Down.

Stop Setting off fireworks, it is 3 fucking days after the fourth. BEJEEZUS!

here are some amazing people/things:

Guess who is the sexiest person ever?!?!?


* With some exceptions

(this  is  for  a  person  who,  after she reads  the  folowing  question  will probably  realize  it  is  for her  )  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Does  the offer still stand that if you and i don't succeed in life that we will become strippers??